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Welcome to Cowgirl Up Stables! We are a family friendly horseback riding company nestled in the breath taking Blue Ridge Mountains. We specialize in rides for beginners lead by our very experienced, professional trail guides at the lowest prices in North Georgia! Our horses are perfect for any experience level and know how to do their jobs very well! We look forward to riding with you!

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Here at Cowgirl Up Stables, we work to provide the best horseback riding experience possible. We love nothing more than watching people have the time of their lives as they conquer their fears and ride for the first time. It is our goal to make sure all of our customers and horses have a safe, happy time while out on the trails. Therefore, all of our guides are certified in first aid, and we ask that all riders under the age of 16 years old wear a helmet. For the same reason, we can not permit riders under the age of 6 or anyone that is over 240 pounds go out on the trails. 

We want everyone to have the best ride possible, so here are some tips from our horses and trail guides:

  • Be sure to wear closed toe shoes that are secure on your feet and comfortable, long pants (even in the summer) and layers

  • Use the restroom before your ride! Only the horses get to stop during the rides for potty breaks

  • Try your best to keep your horse from eating on the trail (we know the horses can be very convincing but please take our word for it, they are NOT starving and they are not allowed. This is best for all involved. 

  • Please do not walk up to the horses without asking a staff member to assist you.

  • Keep in mind that horses do not know voice commands, so it is crucial that everyone listens to the guides' riding instructions before we go on the trails! 

  • Horses are very smart and will test you to see if they will be able to get away with eating on the trails and/or walking very slowly. Be confident, and show them you are in charge!

  • Remember to relax and have fun! The horses and guides will take great care of you!

  • PLEASE book the "PAY LATER" option when making your reservation if you have a rigid schedule or if inclement weather is expected. Only gift certificates will be issued in the event of your ride being canceled due to scheduling conflicts or inclement weather.

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