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Cancellation Policy

You must cancel or notify us of less riders prior to 24 hours before your ride. Refunds will NOT be issued, only a gift certificate will be issued upon canceling 24 hours or more before your ride time. We offer the pay later option to avoid conflict due to our "no refunds" policy. Cancelation within 24hrs of your ride will result in the card on file being charged! If you paid in full , you will not receive a refund or a gift certificate.

In the event of inclement weather (or expected inclement weather), we will make contact with you prior to your check in time to make a plan. We DO NOT make decisions regarding inclement weather or ride cancellations due to inclement weather until a few hours prior to your check in time. Please understand that GA weather forecasts cannot be counted on to make plans any further out than 6 hours. Only the radar, the day of, is remotely accurate. You cannot make plans based on the forecast. It is just too unpredictable.

We WILL ride in light rain but do not expect you to. We will NOT ride in lightning, thunder or heavy rain. If riding is not safe,the first option would be to push the ride back by a few hours if the weather is moving out. If that is not possible, we will allow you to reschedule for another day/time that works with our current schedule. If that isn't possible, we will allow you to cancel . If you have to cancel, a gift certificate will be issued for a future date of your choosing. Refunds will not be issued as we get heavily penalized for doing so. Please book the "PAY LATER" option if there is a chance of inclement weather OR if your schedule isn't flexible. 

dress code

Long pants and closed toed shoes are strongly recommended but not required.  Do not wear flip flops, we will end up taking them off after mounting being that they will fall off during the ride. Sunglasses are optional however, keep in mind that they can also fall and get damaged. Please leave all valuables in your vehicle

Other important information

  • ***Please be aware that arriving early will not result in early departure. We usually have multiple groups on each ride and we must wait for everyone to arrive. We also need the time between each ride to give the staff and horses a breather and to water the horses. Check in time is always 45 minutes prior to ride time, which is on the heading of your confirmation email that you'll receive upon booking. We ride daily at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Check in times for those rides times are 9:15am, 11:15am, 1:15pm and 3:15pm. Arriving after your scheduled check in time can result in a shorter ride. We take our schedule VERY seriously. Please help us stay on schedule. 

  • Any group that does NOT check in on time will be subjected to any change necessary to help us adhere to our schedule. (possible examples: shorter ride times, bumped to a different ride, changed from "private" to a "public" ride, etc...) 

  • All "specialty rides" (all rides other than the novice and intermediate rides) will be charged a minimum amount of gratuity, 18%, for the guides. Please understand that these rides require a lot more effort and work on the staff's part, which they take pleasure in doing, however, we want the guides to be fairly compensated. We appreciate your understanding. 

  • ***Groups of 6 or more will also be charged a minimum amount of 18% gratuity.

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