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Meet our Staff

Meet the owner, Magan Wood! Born and raised in  Blue Ridge, she has been riding horses since before she can remember. Magan has four beautiful children that share her love for these gorgeous animals as well. Her family started a very well-known and upstanding trail riding business in the area that she worked at and with since she was 15 years old. As time passed, she decided to open her own barn and with the help of an incredible group of ladies, that is exactly what she is doing! Since opening Cowgirl Up Stables, she has added a few male staff members to the crew, which has added the perfect amount of balance for staff and customers alike. 

Adam Walker: Adam is Magan's other half. He guides, hauls horses, gets feed and hay, saddles and just basically fills in any blank that we may have. 

Say hello to Katie! Katie is currently a student at the University of Georgia and has been riding horses her entire life. She has been a part-time trail guide for 3 years and loves her job!

Mark Gregory: Mark is a full-time weekday guide. His background in training and breaking horses has helped us tremendously as well as helped him communicate with our riders effectively.

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