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Novice Ride: $22.50 (35 minutes)/ $32.50 (1 hour)
The 35 minute novice ride is the most basic of all the rides we offer. It is a leisurely creekside stroll through the rolling pasture land in Cashes Valley. The longer, 1 hour, novice ride is through the pasture that the shorter ride includes, plus you will cross through the creek into another field and then ride through a wooded trail area before returning to the barn. Both of the novice rides are walking only. It is great for beginners and younger riders ages 6 and up. 
Intermediate Ride: $37.50 (1 hour)
This intermediate ride is great for all of our customers that are feeling a little more adventurous! This ride is an hour long where you will ride through rolling fields, cross a gorgeous creek, ride through shaded trails and have the opportunity to do some trotting. This ride can be made 30 minutes longer for $5. The 30 minute extension provides more wooded trails where you pass by a natural spring with gorgeous ferns in the background. We also offer the opportunity to do some trotting and slow loping (if the guide feels the riders' ability can accomodate this faster pace) on the 1.5 hr intermediate ride.
Sunset Ride: $65 (1 hour)
Enjoy a picture perfect private ride that ends with a gorgeous Georgia sunset. The check in time varies depending on the season, please call or email to request your specific check in time for that day. *Private*
Picnic Ride: $75 (2 hours)
 Picnic rides are perfect if you are looking for a quiet, outdoor meal catered from our local orchard, Merciers Orchard. On this ride, customers will stop halfway through their hour and a half tour for a quick lunch break in a beautiful field. *Private*
Proposal/Romantic Ride: $75 and up (1-2 hours)
Looking to POP THE QUESTION? Or just want a special, romantic trail rides with your significant other? 
We can cater to your needs and tailor your ride to just about any specifics you could dream up! Want roses and champagne waiting at the picnic area? SURE, we can do that! Want pictures of you and your other half with white christmas lights strone throughout the tress along the trail?  SURE, we can do that! If you can dream it, we can do it! We can add services ala carte..... *Private*
Valley River Ride: $100 (3 hours)
This a gorgeous ride for our more experienced riders! This ride is approximately 3 hours of riding through the gorgeous Cohutta wilderness.  During the ride there will be 6 creek crossings and a chance to hop off and rest. For anyone looking for a little more adventure this trail is highly recommended! (For an additional fee, we will be happy to provide a brown bag lunch during your ride). *Private*
*KIDDIE RIDES*  $10 for 10-15 minutes.  We do offer kiddie rides for family members of our trail riders that are younger than 6 years of age. We do not typically book these rides individually but we do make exceptions when time allows. Our main goal in offering these rides is to make sure even the littlest members of your family get to experience a short ride so they don't feel left out. We also allow them to feed their horse treats and they are welcome to groom the horse as well. We just try to keep the little one occupied while the other family members are out on the ride.  An adult is required to stay back with the child and please remember that the staff member that accompanies your little one also works for tips.
***All "specialty rides" (all rides other than the novice and intermediate rides) will be charged a minimum amount of gratuity, 18%, for the guides. Please understand that these rides require a lot more effort and work on the staff's part, which they take pleasure in doing, however, we want the guides to be fairly compensated. We appreciate your understanding. 
We have other novelty rides upon request!
Turn any ride into a private ride for just $10 more per person! Upgrading your ride allows your party to go out on the trails with only you and your guide, which allows for slightly more trotting at the discretion of your guide.
**Ride times are subject to vary depending on the amount of walking or trotting customers request to do.**

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