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Novice Ride: $30.00 (35 minutes)/ $40.00 (1 hour)
The 35 minute novice ride is the most basic of all the rides we offer. It is a leisurely creekside stroll through the rolling pasture land in Cashes Valley. The longer, 1 hour, novice ride is through the pasture that the shorter ride includes, plus you will cross through the creek into another field and then ride through a wooded trail area before returning to the barn. Both of the novice rides are walking only. It is great for beginners and younger riders ages 6 and up. 
Intermediate Ride: $47.50 (1 hour)/$60(1.5 hours)
This intermediate ride is great for all of our customers that are feeling a little more adventurous! This ride is an hour long where you will ride through rolling fields, cross a gorgeous creek, ride through shaded trails and have the opportunity to do some trotting.  This ride is perfect for groups that have both beginners and more experienced riders since it is a mixture between the 1 hour novice ride and the 1.5 hour intermediate ride. This is also a good choice for groups with younger riders that want more than the novice trail but aren't old enough to participate in the 1.5 hour intermediate trail. (under 10 yrs old)
**Turn any ride into a private ride for just $15 more per person plus 20% gratuity! Upgrading your ride allows your party to go out on the trails with only you and your guide, which allows for slightly more trotting at the discretion of your guide.**
Sunset Ride: $75 (1 hour) & $95 (1.5 hours)
Enjoy a picture perfect private ride that ends with a gorgeous Georgia sunset. This ride is a fan favorite because of the peaceful and serene ambiance on the trails at the end of the day. We can happily tailor either ride to suit any level of rider. Beginners, advanced riders and all riders between will find this ride to be perfect. Let us know upon checking in what you had in mind for your trail ride during the gorgeous blue ridge mountain sunset set in the famous Cashes Valley.
(**The check in time varies depending on the season, please call or email to request your specific check in time for that day.)  *Private*
Picnic Ride: $75(1.5 hours) & $95 (2 hours)
 Picnic rides are perfect if you are looking for a quiet, outdoor meal catered from one of our local restaurants, which changes depending on what day you ride... On this ride, customers will stop halfway through their hour and a half tour for a quick lunch break in a beautiful field. Typically, lunch is catered from Nomad Market in Morganton, Ga. The menu will be sent within 24hrs of your ride. (Please be aware that the above price only includes the PRIVATE ride cost, not the gratuity and the lunchbox from Nomad Market. You will choose how many lunchboxes you need during the final booking steps. )
Proposal/Romantic Ride: $95 and up (1-2 hours)
Looking to POP THE QUESTION? Or just want a special, romantic trail rides with your significant other? 
We can cater to your needs and tailor your ride to just about any specifics you could dream up! Want roses and champagne waiting at the picnic area? SURE, we can do that! Want a charcuterie board with your favorite delicatessens? NO PROBLEM! Want pictures of you and your other half with white christmas lights strone throughout the tress along the trail?  SURE, we can do that! If you can dream it, we can do it! We can add services ala carte..... *Private*
Valley River Ride: $100 (2 hours), $140 (3 hours) or $180 (4 hours)
2hr: This is a newly opened trail that is a shortened, condensed version of our traditional 3 hour Valley River Ride. This would be a good option for groups with smaller children than recommended on the 3hr  or for groups that were simply looking for more minutes in the saddle than what our personal land offers (up to 1.5hrs). There is still multiple river crossings and plenty of space to pick up the pace. This ride does offer cantering if suitable.
3hr: This a gorgeous ride for our more experienced riders! This ride is approximately 3 hours of riding through the gorgeous Cohutta wilderness.  During the ride there will be 6 creek crossings and a chance to hop off and rest. For anyone looking for a little more adventure this trail is highly recommended! A short hike (on foot) to a gorgeous waterfall can be included, if interested, at no additional cost, other than to your leg muscles...*Private*
4hr: This half day trip is not for the faint of heart or the soft bummed! This ride will be vetted for only experienced riders ONLY! There will be 8 river crossings, a hike to a water fall, a short break a couple hours in and lots of fun to be had in between. *Private*
**ALL Valley River Rides are "drop-off" rides. We have our riders meet at the barn at the specified check in time to sign in and get further instructions. Then, we will load your horses into a trailer, you"ll either hop in with us or drive your own vehicle the 3 miles up the road, into the famous Cashes Valley to ride. This is all USFS. Be prepared with snacks, water,
***All "specialty rides" and private rides (all rides other than the public novice and intermediate rides) will be charged a minimum amount of gratuity, 20%, for the guides. Please understand that these rides require a lot more effort and work on the staff's part, which they take pleasure in doing, however, we want the guides to be fairly compensated. We appreciate your understanding. 
***Groups of 6 or more will also be charged the minimum amount of 20% gratuity and given a 10% group discount.
We have other novelty rides upon request!
*Actual saddle time subject to vary depending on the amount of walking or trotting customers request to do.**




These rides are simply open to the public. Different public groups will be assigned to a guide based on the ride chosen and group size. We strive to keep group sizes as small as possible but there is always a chance of being paired with a larger group, which is dependent on the staffing for the day. These are important factors to take into consideration, especially if your group consists of riders with a special or specific need (ex. very young, old, timid, nervous riders, etc) Regardless, our staff always goes above and beyond to provide the best ride possible.

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